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For Democracy in India: The Constitution is not a charter of servitude


Fudging NCRB Data #infographic

The ways in which state governments have misrepresented farmer suicides in the NCRB data and the NCRB published manipulated data without audit.

Error in farmer suicide data in Business Standard piece

Business Standard has written a piece challenging the data on farmer suicides from Uttar Pradesh titled “As farmers commit suicide, Uttar Pradesh hides their deaths”. It is a pretty good piece and necessary. In the interests of accuracy of information,…

Farmer distress in Gujarat. Farmer suicides and more.

One should never underestimate the power of denial. Modi suporters are comparing Gujarat with Maharashtra (unbeaten champ of farmer suicides) and claiming that Gujarat does not have a problem. Wait a minute. Not so fast. Being better than the worst…

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Farmer suicides in India: Peddling anti-farmer bull shit

There is a category of journalists and publications which consistently publish seemingly scientific articles that are aimed at one or more of the following goals: Trivializing the problem of farmer suicides and denying the agrarian crisis. Exonerating the role of…