Bull taming at jallikattu, Allangur, India
Animal Rights

Jallikattu is not bullfighting – it needs its own debate

I have refrained from commenting on jallikattu for a long time, mainly because I don’t have any real experience or concrete insight on the subject (yes, that does prevent me from making opinions known). However, after several debates, reading up, arguments and a lot of thinking, I can definitely say that a middle way needs […]

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Indian regional languages distribution

Sanitation in India, development, politics and the stinking truth

The provisional census data on houselisting has a shocker on sanitation in India – sanitation in India statistics reveal that less than 31% of Indians had access to proper toilets. Yep. You got that right. MOST INDIANS DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO A TOILET. Half of india still defecate in the open. A proposal to […]

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Pasupati Pandian, founder of Devendra Kula Velalar Kootamaippu (Federation) killed

Pasupati Pandian (50), founder of Devendra Kula Velalar Kootamaippu (Federation) was murdered yesterday in Dindigul district, by unidentified people in front of his home today. The police suspect that the gang (how do they know?) monitored his movements (how do they know, if the people are not identified?) before attacking him. Special Teams have been […]

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