asaram bapu against a blue background and flowers
Religion and Phiosophy

Asaram Bapu – when Godmen rape

Asaram bapu and his fanatical followers are a snapshot of how irrelevant moral behavior is to worship. In the recent past, Asaram Bapu has made headlines for holding the victim of a brutal rape jointly responsible for being raped. He has celebrated a mass holi wasting water in the middle of the worst drought Maharashtra […]

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Demonizing Govindas and Dahi Handi as unsafe for women

Dahi handi has this reputation of being unsafe for women. DNA even went ahead and published an article over it. “Is Dahi Handi day safe for women?” it asks and proceeds to answer it as “No” using canned concerns women express about safety. It is a template, right? Women are not safe at the hands […]

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Mourning Holi

Today is holi, and my heart is heavy with grief at something precious lost. When I was a kid, I lives with my grandmother and grandfather. We used to plan for Holi for AGES. We used to buy enough water balloons so that we didn’t run out of supplies. We used to make sure we […]

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