Women and Power : The Gender Battle

Patterns of assumptions and stereotypes¬†manipulate collective¬†responses. Patterns based on things we refuse to acknowledge or even are aware of. “Strong man”, “Caring mother”, “damsel in distress”, “hen pecked”, “old coot”, “shrew” and more aren’t just common terms, they are common ways in which we see people and there are patterns. There are scales of gender, …

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Mourning Holi

Today is holi, and my heart is heavy with grief at something precious lost. When I was a kid, I lives with my grandmother and grandfather. We used to plan for Holi for AGES. We used to buy enough water balloons so that we didn’t run out of supplies. We used to make sure we …

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

Left of Right, Right of Left and off-center

Talk of mixed perspectives. A few posts I made recently have set me thinking about how many of us supposedly neither right nor left political inclinations actually have swallowed a lot of left and right. The recent turning upside down of terrorism as an Islamic speciality by Hindutva enthusiasts provided many such opportunities to notice …

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