BRIHANMUMBAI UNION OF JOURNALISTS statement on HT editions being shut down

BUJ condemns HT Media’s decision to shut down 6 editions The Brihanmumbai Union of Journalists (BUJ) strongly condemns the illegal decision of HT Media Ltd to shut down six editions of Hindustan Times (HT) at Bhopal, Indore, Ranchi, Kanpur, Allahabad and Varanasi with effect from 09 January 2017. The closing down of six editions at […]

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candidates with criminal cases in 2nd phase of polls in Madhya Pradesh

Updated: Factchecking Press (mis)Trust of India #PTI #mediabias

It is alarming when you have an article from an organization that claims to be a collective of news media peddling a political slant, and it gets replicated word for word across various sites syndicating news from them. After National Broadcasters Association issuing a veiled threat to Kejriwal in the wake of their outrage over […]

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ragpicker child forced to pick up dead body parts
Child Rights
Human rights

Does Indore station routinely exploit rag picker children to pick dead bodies?

How can officials exploit rag picker children to pick dead bodies from railway tracks? When I first read the news of a 12 year old rag picker boy forced to pick up a severed limb of a dead body on the railway tracks at Indore, I thought the newspaper had reprinted an old story of […]

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map of India showing cities Bhopal Indore Jodhpur Ranchi Jamshedpur Lucknow

Supreme Court Proceedings in Union Carbide case

Vijay Panjwani has sent in a report on Supreme Court proceedings in the Union Carbide case with regard to disposal of contaminated waste from the Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Union Carbide Bhopal H-Waste Safe Disposal New Delhi, Friday 6th Sept 2013 The Supreme Court today considered the joint inspection report of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)and […]

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closeup of asaram wearing a wreath of roses and gesturing at camera
Religion and Phiosophy

Asaram Bapu’s insane supporters

Asaram Bapu stands accused of raping a minor girl, daughter of his followers, in the name of treating her. This is not the first time his name has come up with warped sexual rites and even dead bodies. His supporters on the other and are determined to see no wrong. BJP politicians have embarrassed the […]

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