Asad Owaisi

Bus burned at Bhosari by Shiv Sena activists
Human rights

Does the argumentative Indian really exist?

The Indian socio-political space is polarized as never before. The religious and economic right wings came together in an unprecedented show of solidarity and gave India its first Prime Minister who refuses to answer any questioning. The writing was on the wall. Subramanian Swamy had detailed the RSS “plan” as far back as 1999 with remarkable […]

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Van set on fire by angry Muslim protesters in Mumbai

Questions smolder in the wake of the riots in protest of Assam riots

Who were the rioters? Was the violence planned? Why was the security establishment caught sleeping yet again, in spite of clear warnings like: Asad Owaisi’s speech in Parliament. Whether a warning of trouble possible, or a threat, the subject HAD come up in the Parliament and got noticed. Why was it not taken seriously? Pakistani […]

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