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Smart cities or cleverly-disguised corporate colonies?

Dignitaries at Smart Cities India: Reality in the Making

There was a interactive panel discussion in Mumbai WTC on the 29th of January 2015 organized by World Trade Centre (WTC) and All India Association of Industries (AIAI) in collaboration with the Indo-France Chamber of Commerce and Industries (IFCCI). It was to discuss ‘Smart Cities in India: Reality in the Making’. Dignitaries on the stage included Mr. …

Mean what you say and say what you mean

silhouette of a solo climber free climbing an overhang

Nope. It’s not the same thing, but its important. Be careful of the words you use – they are your point of contact with others. If you use them lightly, people tend to take you lightly. Avoid making promises on the spur of the moment that may be difficult to keep. If you make them, …

Self immolations and the unconscious mind

Sunny Singh makes a very intriguing and perceptive observation about the Arab Spring and the rash of self-immolations that it brought. She points out that while self-immolation is known culturally in say India or among the Tibetan Buddhists, it is a very important taboo in Islam. Not only is suicide forbidden, but mutilating a body …