Seeds of Caste-divide sown by New Housing Soc. Bye-laws

CHS bye laws comparison

Concerns about revisions for Cooperative Housing Society laws. Mumbaikars and Maharashtra housing society residents, watch out! Till now, you may never cared to think about who among your neighbours are Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, etc. In the past few decades, the caste divide had ceased to matter in co-operative housing societies, and most managing committees (at least in the metros like Mumbai and Nagpur) were generally elected without thinking about such things. Earlier, one or two seats on the managing were reserved for women. But now, the new model bye-laws have made it compulsory for you to exercise your mind as to which of your neighbours is an SC/ST, OBC etc. Please see this comparison of old and new bye-laws no. 115.

Comparison of old and new bye laws for cooperative housing societies
Comparison of old and new bye laws for cooperative housing societies

This is as mandated by the 97th Constitutional Amendment passed in January 2012 (See ). On the face of it, the 97th amendment is wholesome, but if you look deeper, you will find that it introduces many slow poisons into the system. ARTICLE 1: Slow poison for democracy in India: ARTICLE 2: Toxic provisions of MCS Act amended as per 97th Amendment: But don’t take my word for it. Read and understand for yourself: Old CHS Model Bye-laws New CHS Model Bye-laws Please oppose this entire set of changes in Maharashtra urgently, before the MCS Amendment Ordinance 2013 is ratified by the state legislature, and becomes an Act. Otherwise, within 10 years, the co-operative housing society movement will have regressed by 40 years, and we will be at one another’s throats. Warm Regards, Krish 9821588114

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