How does Indian National Congress raise funds?

I thought I was horrified by the Indian National Congress donations” href=”″ target=”_blank”>usual list of declared donations.

There were no forum posts asking party members to pay, no blog posts urging supporters to pay. No nothing. At least not in google results.

It is no secret that most funds of political parties are unaccounted for:

unaccountable funding of <strong class='lazy lazy-hidden StrictlyAutoTagBold'><noscript><img class=BJP solicits foreign funding” href=”” target=”_blank”>BJP’s open courting of foreign funds. I have to admit I am even more creeped out at massive collections of public funds without a trace in public view.

And when a new book “Unknown Facets of Rajiv Gandhi, Jyoti Basu and Indrajit Gupta” written by former CBI director Dr A P Mukherjee says (according to Enhanced by Zemanta

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