Dalits, Humanism and Human Sacrifice

A Day Charged with Humanism The Leadership Training Camp for Dalits that was being organised in Suryapet town (14 and 15 July ’07, Andhra Pradesh, India) through the International Humanist and Ethical Union’s support was going on full-speed. Mr. Veeraswami the leader of Spoorthi, the local implementing organization, and Mr. V.B. Rawat, Director of the Social …

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Eunuchs, transgenders, Hijras, Kotis…..

The transgendered community is a world of its own, intersecting with the “normal” in a garish parody of revulsion and macabre fascination that leaves no room for them to be anything other than objects to project society’s prejudices on.

Coping with grief

Yesterday, an unknown, aged housewife in one of the many buildings in Mumbai died. Virtually unknown to many, and the love of a devastated few, this was the typical loving grandmother and charming Indian housewife – the stuff indian dreams are made of. She left behind an aged husband, a son and daughter (both married) …

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