World media silent when Geelani gets a Kashmiri shoe

By | October 21, 2010

I’ve been following news religiously these days for a couple of hours everyday, and have started seeing some patterns in news reporting. For example, today, Geelani got the famous shoe treatment in Delhi by Kashmiri Hindu protestors. Not a single international newspaper reported it.This was also evident on earlier stories where shopkeepers threw stones at pelters forcing a strike, a teacher with some students protesting the ongoing unrest, people killed or injured by stone pelters, reports of stone pelters being paid to throw stones and the voice intercepts of separatists asking for more deaths in stone pelting. There is little about the common man who is caught between the separatists and the forces or recently when Kashmiris ridicule Geelani on Facebook.These stories are lost in the avalanche of “villain India” where separatists seem to be the sum total of the Kashmiri truth. You can see some of the links here – now try to do a news search and see if you can find them. Todays stories will also vanish in a few days lost in the massive onslaught of similar stories about the atrocities by India and how India is wrong.

Sure, there were human rights violations, but this wasn’t all the forces did there. The fact that there are informers who tip the army off on militant presence is telling. Not to mention that if every Kashmiri, or even a sufficient majority wanted freedom, all the ammunition couldn’t keep India in Kashmir – that too with a “genocide” with less than a death a day and more injuries among cops than protestors, even though they had guns – there would be rivers of blood or defeat of the forces – a la Tamils in Sri Lanka. Apparently, the media isn’t interested in finding out that there are two sides to this story. And this makes sense, because on the bleeding edge of reporting of atrocities by India are pseudo Kashmiri sites like Kashmir Media Service, et al many of which have Pakistani addresses. Pakistani newspapers dutifully take up every tiny story featuring India in a negative light.These sites take great pains to report and magnify every evil real or imagined about India. And it brings results in the image being projected to those looking for information on the subject.

There is no real counter information to this unless we count some openly Kashmiri Pandit sites, which aren’t news sites, which are largely about the problems of the Kashmiri Pandits who were slaughtered a long time ago, and now are no longer in Kashmir itself.

I’ve said this before, and I say it again, the separatists have a better PR department, and it is costing us a great deal in world opinion and negative propaganda.

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