Women's rights 101 for Pakistan's Powers that be

I had laughed when the video of Gilani as a PM candidate groping Sherry Rehman ON CAMERA went viral. Typical Indian attitude, I guess. We don’t expect decency from Pakistan. This was just typical. I made a few sarcastic remarks around Zardari and Palin. I raised my eyebrows in disbelief at the new heights of lecherousness to hear the US reporter’s allegations about Nawaz Sharif. I admit I saw it more as a soap opera – an endless continuation of a theme, where one character does a lot of similar things and the show just keeps entertaining people for ever.

Possibly I am guilty of not reflecting on what my amusement itself meant about my attitude toward women, but frankly, if it seemed fine for the country, who was I to say anything about it? I didn’t have the power to do anything about it either. So I laughed it off. After all, the country didn’t mind. Gilani is the PM right now. He got voted there, in spite of that nasty tape.

I had been quite aghast at Musharraf’s comments about Mukhtaran Mai. To ban her from leaving the country, because she gave Pakistan a bad name was beyond ridiculous. Pakistan has a bad name from such a vast variety of actions, that its impossible that one person can make a dent in it. To imply that women got raped on purpose to be able to go abroad was….. graceless, but frankly a peep into the gutter of his mind than anything else.

You can’t even blame the extremists solely for Pakistan’s rock bottom reputation, because these are the non-extremist leaders of the country. Supposedly, liberal, democratic, secular, etc, etc.

With a leadership like this, is it any surprise that we had hundreds of Pakistanis outraged at the ban on covering faces in France, which of course included the veil? These people pointed out two women who protested and were arrested. They called it an invasion of their human rights. They did not comment on the rights of Muslim women to wear what they chose in Muslim countries. They saw nothing wrong in judging what was none of their business to begin with.

The typical sign of a bully is that he attacks those who are weaker, defenseless. A bully is always a coward. Your country as a whole has proved yourselves to be cowards with no value for women, minorities, or indeed your own moral worth. Your history is littered with four genocides in six decades – Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Balochistan. Rapes in Bangladesh must have set a world record, if anyone were tasteless enough to label it so. Yet, for all the claims to bravery, which exactly is the war Pakistan ever won? with 1300 dead and 92,000 surrendered, all claims to bravery fall flat, particularly after killing millions of defenseless people. Oh wait, this is not an allowed story for your country, right? But because of these false claims of bravery, because of these massive deceptions with the truth, you have never learnt from your past.

It was bullying that lost you Bangladesh, no matter what fiction you promote. It is bullying that is losing you Balochistan as we speak. And now you are bullying your women. A group of fine, outstanding people respected as elders called a sodomized child a liar in favour of powerful elements. They further rewarded these beasts and punished the sister for seeking justice by having her publicly paraded naked on the streets, humiliated and gang raped in full public view.

In letting her rapists free, your Supreme Court just joined your outstanding club of people who have no clue that women are people. So, now, to top leaders of a country who can’t get laid without forcing a woman, you have elders who get their favourite people laid by ordering women raped and the Supreme Court of the country supporting them by freeing those a silly unconstitutional court punished.

You know what, assholes? You don’t deserve women.

So, should I add this to the soap opera? The new Pakistani justice? Someone makes a claim of abuse? Order their sister gang raped? Hmm… with all your feuds, wow, you are going to become an incredibly brave and just country! Do announce this publicly, because I’ll need to know which channels not to accidentally play when we are in decent company.

Do upload reaction videos on youtube of each of you going home and telling your mothers or girlfriends “Great news – a woman got stripped naked and gang raped as compensation or punishment for a crime someone else did in asking for justice against abuse. Justice was served. We are turning into a wonderful country.” Not wives and daughters please – we already know you don’t give a damn what they think. Will be real cool. Tell the women that they could be paying for your rotten souls.

But let me tell you one thing…

She is still beautiful in body and spirit, while you cannot be called human.

Note: This article is somewhat disjointed, because I had to delete most of it to be able to publish it without sounding like a furious, incoherent shrew.

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6 Comments on "Women's rights 101 for Pakistan's Powers that be"

  1. It’s alright to sound like an incoherent shrew, after all it is a blog. 🙂

  2. It’s alright to sound like an incoherent shrew, after all it is a blog. 🙂

  3. It’s alright to sound like an incoherent shrew, after all it is a blog. 🙂

  4. It’s alright to sound like an incoherent shrew, after all it is a blog. 🙂

  5. It’s alright to sound like an incoherent shrew, after all it is a blog. 🙂

  6. It’s alright to sound like an incoherent shrew, after all it is a blog. 🙂

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