Wikileaks – And the tide turns

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After watching anxiously to see how far the US thugocracy goes in suppressing Wikileaks, I was actually quite horrified to see what seemed to be a net closing in around wikileaks. Systematically undermining the various support they got – servers, banking and accepting money. Equally I saw that people from all over the world rallied in support of Wikileaks and Julian Assange, and in an email to a friend, the words broke through from my keyboard.

The US makes a mistake in thinking the truth is allowed or disallowed. Truth Manifests. Today, it was possibly a soldier disillusioned with the system and wikileaks, it could just as easily have been something else. The more truth is suppressed, the more the pressure builds till the smallest inkling of anything coming out into the open turns into a flood. The ring of truth in a clouded world has the power to attract countless people and inspire them to move heaven and earth to keep the revolution going. It truly is a war – possibly the first internet war, and I am honored to be fighting for an inspiring purpose.

All over the net, the movement only seems to be growing. People coming out in support out and out. Tides turning. Stands changing. Some of the most incredible things of the last few days, rising from a point when wikileaks had all its sources of money cut off, Assange arrested and bail denied…. to a vibrant, participatory force that will not be stopped and is influencing stands to change.

  1. Countless people have come out in support for Assange and Wikileaks. Countless. Writing articles, blogs, protesting on the streets, standing surety for him in court…
  2. The wikileaks server going down has resulted in over a thousand mirrors of the site.
  3. Australia has changed its stance on him and is offering him consular support. Apart from the much needed support, I can only imagine the psychological value of regaining a motherland for a person whose bank openly called him a homeless refugee while terminating his account.
  4. Noted lawyer and expert on extraditions Geoffrey Robertson is coming over to represent Assange and help protect him from being extradited to the US (Sweden has a treaty that allows this). Julian’s life is understood to be on threat in the US. So this is huge support.
  5. Anonymous mobilized with DDoS attacks on entities suppressing wikileaks and threatening Assange. This brought some welcome pressure and coincidentally or not, was followed by:
  6. Paypal is the first major corporation to admit to closing the wikileaks account under pressure from the US Government.
  7. Wikileaks IT organization Datacell that processes their card payments is planning to sue Mastercard and Visa for terminating services to him.
  8. Global activist organization AVAAZ has launched a petition titled Wikileaks: Stop the crackdown
  9. The Bolivian GOVERNMENT is running a mirror on their official site!!! Heh. Suppress this?
  10. UN Representative for freedom of expression defends Wikileaks and Julian Assange


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