Why is India happy about OBL's assassination?

While it is great that the US found and killed Osama bin Laden, everything else about this raid is an illustration of the utter disregard the US has for India’s safety. Pakistan recognizes exactly one enemy. What would the natural assumption be for an Armed attack in the heart of the country?

While the radars on the side from where the attack came were shut down to conserve resources in the absense of a threat, the ones on Indian side are not. No matter how Aman Ki Aasha things get.

Once everyone is done congratulating the US and saying for the nth time how they were saying all along that Pakistan is a terrorist sponsor state, it will be good if a few people who matter take some time to do one of those strong message things.

The US is on another continent, with only combatants in this region. We are right here. unwieldy as these two countries are, they are┬ásovereign. I hate to say this, but for once, I agree with the Pakistani masses pissed with the US. The US can’t just go barging around like an elephant in a China shop, while exhorting peace the rest of the time, just because enemy number one was spotted.

That’s like crossing a road without checking for traffic because your friend was on the other side.

We could have been the ones footing the bill in human cost had the Pakistani Air Force retaliated promptly, simply because they assumed it was an Indian attack, which they did, only to be “clarified later”. Clarified later wouldn’t have helped us if the Pakistani response had been functional. It was their delays that made the explanations reach before missile launches, unless the US could guarantee that Pakistan couldn’t mount an immediate retaliation and explanations would reach on time.

And of course the whole thing about no one in the compound having offered armed resistance, but dead, just the same. What is the officilal line? US doesn’t do assassinations? Only expects the targets dead, because it expects armed resistance?

What bull shit!

But then I’ve lost track of how many of its own claims and laws the US has broken in this war.

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