What line will America not cross?

I am collecting here a list of incidents from the cables that I think must be accounted for by America to the world.

  1. Diplomats or spies? And finally

WikiLeaks cables: CIA drew up UN spying wishlist for diplomats

UK overruled on Lebanon spy flights from Cyprus, WikiLeaks cables reveal

American officials swept aside British protests about secret US spy flights taking place from the UK’s Cyprus airbase, the leaked diplomatic cables reveal. Labour ministers said they feared making the UK an unwitting accomplice to torture, and were upset about rendition flights going on behind their backs. The use of RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus for American U2 spy plane missions o

(…)to the cables released by WikiLeaks. The then foreign secretary David…point for ministers”. A US diplomat, Maura Connelly, cabled: “We (…)

Foreign contractors hired Afghan ‘dancing boys’, WikiLeaks cable reveals

A scandal involving foreign contractors employed to train Afghan policemen who took drugs and paid for young “dancing boys” to entertain them in northern Afghanistan caused such panic that the interior minister begged the US embassy to try and “quash” the story, according to one of the US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks. In a meeting with the assistant US ambassador, a pa

(…)US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks. In a meeting with the…quash the story. But US diplomats cautioned against an “overreaction” (…)

WikiLeaks shows America’s imperious attitude to Pakistan

Pakistan was already under the American hammer before theWikiLeaks crisis blew. But leaked US diplomatic cables published by the Guardian show the extraordinary extent to which Pakistan is in danger of becoming a mere satrapy of imperial Washington. The US assault on Pakistani sovereignty, which is how these developments are widely viewed in the country, is multipronged. At

(…)the American hammer before the WikiLeaks crisis blew. But leaked US…At the same time, Pakistani diplomats are convinced the Americans (…)

WikiLeaks cables visualisation pulled after pressure from Joe Lieberman

The company that provided visualisations of the contents of the leaked US embassy cables has admitted it removed them from the net at the request of Senator Joe Lieberman, the chair of the Senate homeland committee who has made angry denunciations of the leaks. The removal of the visualisation came as the US Social Security Agency warned its workers that looking at the leaked

(…)chairs the Senate Homeland Security Committee, when he called for organisations hosting WikiLeaks to terminate their relationship with the website.” Lieberman, an independent senator (…)

Germany accuses US over ‘missing’ Afghan funds, WikiLeaks cables show

Berlin was irritated by a 15% administration fee the US sought to charge Germany on a €50m donation made to a trust fund set up to improve the Afghan army. A top German diplomat complained the fee would be a tough sell to taxpayers.


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