What is this independence?

We all are dependent on something or the other, so what is this big deal about becoming independent? It is about being responsible for ourselves. For some it may mean moving out of the parents house and surviving on their own. For others it may be about paying off education loans and moving on to professional lives. For still others it could be about getting rid of jobs we don’t like and becoming free, but still surviving comfortably.

Some facts remain common:

  1. Financial independence
  2. Having sufficient time
  3. Having the freedom to work toward dreams rather than survival
  4. Having a nest egg of money for emergencies
  5. being happy with the way life is working out.

This blog is chiefly about how to go about acheiving this elusive goal. About overcoming perceived handicaps and going around them, when there is no direct over coming possible.

Its about trusting our strengths and being aware of our weaknesses.

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Vidyut is a blogger on issues of National interest. Staunch advocate of rights, learning and freedoms. @Vidyut

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