Wall of Shame – Pot Shots at Lokpal Bill

Kunāl Majumder
kunalmajumder Kunāl Majumder 

Both Congress and BJP have attacked #AnnaHazare when he spoke against their interest. A key negotiator Agnivesh is a Maoist according to BJP
dramoly amol doc

RT @seventhsamurai:peaceful protesters of #AnnaHazare in frnt of Gandhi Statue @ Marina Beach, #Chennai wr arrested.#janlokpal
syamjee Syamjee

Kapil Sibal using his cunning lawyer mind to subside#JanLokPal Same way how he states no loss in #2G scam.thehindu.com/news/national/… #AnnaHazare
kaisernova Kaiser Wilhelm I

Did we need #janlokpal for sacking Raja? #2gscam? Let us not fight for creation of a body with power so absolute – corruption concentration
nilofar ansher
culture_curate nilofar ansher

Dismayed at the blind support that #India is giving the#JanLokpal bill. Who r its committee members? Who checks its powers? #Lokpal

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