US Wikileakomments – Good, Bad and Ugly

Here’s a collection of tweets on the latest edition of US shake by Wikileaks Cablegate.

In support of Wikileaks

“Drip drip drip..” Hear that sound? It’s#Wikileaks equivalent of waterboarding; interrogating the US government with leaks. #Cablegate@Asher_Wolf

If you think #cablegate is bad, you should hear some of the withering things I’ve said secretly about royalty and world leaders. – @jonronson

Kill a million people: You’re “heroic.” Leak the killing of a million people: You’re a terrorist #cablegate@Remroum

The next G20 is going to be soooooo awkward…#wikileaks #cablegate@scottbeibin

Remind me again, who said, “If you’ve got nothing to hide then you’ve got nothing to fear” #cablegate #wikileaks@tombinns

RT @wikileaksusa: “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” #cablegate Download – @zzzeroX

Chomsky says: Major reason for govt secrecy is to protect the govt from its own population.


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