The Power of LISTENING

There are moments when we experience what we know.

As a change agent, I experience these moments when I am able to let myself go, and immerse myself into the reality I am in.

One such incident happened this morning when an old friend of mine called me up just to be able to speak with someone. She had problems with her family, child and felt overworked, underappreciated and generally at the end of her tether.

As I listened, I became aware of how much this woman did, how much she embraced, how much she constantly challenged herself to do more and more, and saw her failures lining up while forgetting the tremendous things she achieved as a matter of fact. I shared that with her in perhaps a couple of phrases after an hour long phone call. The relief that replaced all that restless energy was so profound, that I could have reached out and touched it physically.

We spoke very briefly after that. The conversation was concluded with openness of heart and lightness of being. She wrote back an email saying how much better she felt after talking to me, and how just listening to my voice made everything better.

Was it listening to my voice? I don’t think so. I barely said anything at all!

I think it was because in that moment, I really listened to her, and understood what she was saying. It hadn’t been about resolving any of the numerous problems she shared and it wasn’t about me telling her anything at all. It was about me listening to her deeply, and really understanding and appreciating the state of her being, as she was sharing with me.

In that moment, she wasn’t alone, and I wasn’t alone. We were deeply together, enriching, empowering each other.