The Positivity Initiative

As this flood of fasts sweeps the country, I see that it is less about not eating and more about an opportunity for people to make a statement under a leadership. I have no clue why people can’t simply have normal protests food and all, but I suppose it is also easier to organize protests without the question of official food for a crowd :p I don’t know.

Anyway, I am starting an initiative called the positivity challenge. I think, a large part of our dissatisfaction in society is overwhelming negativity and cynicism coupled with contempt and dismissal of differences. I believe that consciously making a sacrifice of those petty superiority and criticism will allow us to see what else is there. How else we can be, and it will give us a first hand experience if it is a more useful way of being.

This is how it began. All the talk that has happened so far:

Ok. Here is a one day challenge. 24 hours without saying anything negative. On twitter. Can you do it? RT to spread word. Reply to join.

When i say nothing negative it includes RTs, sarcasm, criticism, hate, ridicule. 24 hrs midnight tonight to midnight tomorrow. Can you?

Lol. Not tweeting at all doesn’t qualify. But think of it. Better than fasting for cleansing negativity. Challenge yourself.

I don’t assume to say that it is better, though I suspect it is.

However, if the first time goes well, and there is participation, I would like to make this a regular feature. Regular one day “events”, as people find them easily doable, extending them to longer periods… I don’t know. We can take it as it goes. The beginning is that we are able to do this at least once 🙂

Tonight midnight onwards – 24 hours – till tomorrow midnight. All day tomorrow 18th September 2011.

Can you?

Listen to the rules:

  • No negativity. This obviously doesn’t mean the absense of the word not when it makes sense in a sentence, or if you are a professional you don’t refuse any applications, etc. But no criticism, no sarcasm, demeaning, complaining, criticizing, insulting, disagreeing, etc. No negativity to direct at people.
  • Ideally, no negativity in any aspect of your life, but for practical purposes, at least in your social networking life.
  • Not tweeting at all, etc doesn’t count. Normal frequency of interaction. Minus the negativity.
  • Many people thinking out of the box on this one, so I’ll update rules on the fly :p

How to prove? Frankly, you don’t. This isn’t a school test. Your interactions are public, and we can see them. It is a matter of honor. I take your word. I trust you.

Comment below so we know you’re participating.