#SwissLeaks: Indian Express publishes account holder names leaked from Swiss HSBC

Indian Express Swiss Leaks expose
The Indian Express, in collaboration with Le Monde and International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has published a list of a hundred account names (yes, the Ambanis are there) leaked from HSBC bank in Switzerland that have Indian addresses. Rigid laws protect Swiss banks and the HSBC bought out an existing bank in 1999. In 2007, its IT expert, Hervé Falciani, hacked 30,000 accounts and escaped to France with the data. The data was reconstructed and distributed confidentially around the world by the French Tax Authorities. Read more about this background of misconduct in The Guardian. Here is the first ten names out of a hundred: 1. UTTAMCHANDANI GOPALDAS WADHUMAL/family $54,573,535 2. MEHTA RIHAN HARSHAD/ family $53,631,788 3. THARANI MAHESH THIKAMDAS $40,615,288 4. GUPTA SHRAVAN $32,398,796 5. KOTHARI BHADRASHYAM HARSHAD/ family $31,555,874 6. SHAUNAK JITENDRA PARIKH/family $30,137,608 7. TANDON SANDEEP $26,838,488 8. AMBANI MUKESH DHIRUBHAI $26,654,991 9. AMBANI ANIL $26,654,991 10. KRISHNA BHAGWAN RAMCHAND $23,853,117 Indian Express recommends related post: HSBC sheltered murky cash linked to dictators, arms dealers Additionally, I’d like to remind of Cobrapost’s expose Operation Red Spider showing HSBC and Standard Chartered banks among banks offering money laundering services.


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