Save Water

I often talk about stuff like saving water, plastic, etc with kids I know. No lectures, just…. talking about it. Effects, ideas that are easy and make a difference, etc. We get water twice a day and have a water tank that fills so that we can switch to it when there is no water supply.

Friend and son visited. Son has been experimenting with ideas to save the water, and we talk about it. He went to the loo. Turns out that the water had just gone off, and I didn’t know. He came out all excited.

“Ma, when I filled the water, only a quarter of the bucket got filled. And you know, I used it carefully and that was enough for me to wash my bottom clean. Isn’t it cool! We should have taps like this too. How much water we could save!!!”

Uh… it wasn’t exactly a feature, of course, but wow! “How much water could we save?” I just love the way kids can look at opportunity.

So, what do you do to make neat water savings? Do you save the water?

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