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PDAs of BJP Congress crony politics

While the BJP and Congress persist in calling AAP for being the Team B of each other, the fact remains that the two have colluded without openly allying all the time, and as the voices decrying corruption get louder, they remain scrupulously distant while acting in tandem. Not only do they both violate Indian laws by accepting foreign funding, secure in each other’s “blind eye”, they make the country vulnerable to undeclared influences on policy by foreign and corporate interests by keeping most of their funding opaque.

The Delhi Election was a taste of this. Arvind Kejriwal pitted himself against the Congress while he was being called the B team of the Congress. Yet Dr Harsh Vardhan, BJP’s Chief Ministerial made it clear that he would not order any probe into the CWG scam and other graft charges during Sheila Dikshit’s rule, if BJP came to power after Delhi Assembly polls. BJP did get the most seats in the elections, but without a clear majority, declined to form the government.

No witch-hunting if BJP comes to power in Delhi polls, says Harsh Vardhan

The BJP challenged AAP to form a government, which it did. Much was touted of the supposed Congress support for the government, but Arvinder Lovely spent his brief career as leader of the party supporting the government criticizing AAP. For all the hate BJP and Congress supposedly have for each other, they jointly voted against the Janlokpal bill being tabled, leading to the resignation of the Delhi government. BJP demanded the resignation, but criticized it as betrayal the moment it happened.

Lovely Harsh Vardhan

This farce was so obvious that even the Supreme Court called the bluff putting BJP and Congress on notice asking why if they could collaborate on BCCI or blocking the Janlokpal bill, they couldn’t come together to form the Delhi Government.

All through, the media was completely fixated on the faults of the AAP government. The BJP was vocal in calling AAP a Congress proxy for its failure to file FIRs against Sheila Dixit  and Dr. Harsh Vardhan, who had merely weeks ago declared that he would not order any probe into the CWG scam now accused AAP of shielding Sheila Dixit by not probing the entire scam. The 49 day government is heavily criticized by BJP for this, yet BJP’s three month old government in Rajasthan has not started any probes on Robert Vadra’s dealings in Rajasthan. These were only briefly brought up as blackmail when Rahul Gandhi brought up the issue of Narendra Modi’s previously undeclared wife now being declared.

One would imagine that now BJP is planning to take action against Robert Vadra. Don’t hold your breath, because in a near identical declaration as that of Dr. Harsh Vardhan’s on Sheila Dixit, Modi now declares that there will be no witch hunt of Robert Vadra if BJP comes to power after the Lok Sabha Elections.

Modi says no witch-hunt against Vadra, if BJP forms govt

The message couldn’t be clearer. It is time to join ranks and ignore each other’s failings to ensure that any loss of power remains between the cartels, and does not leak out of the “code” to people who would not respect the code and haul wrong doers from both parties over coals.

At this point, one can only hope that the rest of the situation plays out true to the Delhi Assembly polls as well, and Modi is never required to act on his gift of sanctuary to jamai raja.

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  1. raman


    Insightful article as always. What do they mean by there will be no witch hunt? The statement itself is flawed.
    What the statement really means is that they will fool the people to get votes but never work out the issues because of which they get votes. i.e. betray the mandate of the people of india.
    Anyways, modi is a stooge of Ambani-adani group. You cant expect such a simpleton to understand difficult things as “ideals”.

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