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Customer disservice

I got an SMS from Airtel warning me that my mobile phone usage was Rs.6,000/- something and that my outgoing would be disconnected if I didn’t pay up. Pay up before my billing cycle, that is. In the last entire year, my mobile bill has ┬ánever exceeded some Rs.500/- and my last bill is Rs.392/-. …

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Pakistan and Israel

For two countries that hate each other, both have much in common. Both are comparitively young countries. Both seem to be surrounded by enemies on all borders. Both claim to be in existential struggles against enemies either incapable or disinclined to destroy them. Both have some sea and have used it to strike terror against …

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Toilets please

Image via Wikipedia Earlier in 2010, a UN study found far more people in India have access to a mobile phone than to a toilet. Now, with the government all set to have broadband access to all village Panchayats by the next year, I guess we’ll have more people with access to the internet than …

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