Mangalore Attack: Subhash Padil is Rabid

Subhash Padil led the attack on the homestay Morning Mist in Mangalore. To put it bluntly, he is a dog with a long list of crimes related with bullying and attacks on other people being protected by the masters who use him to hunt for fun and profit and a general rent-a-thug for builders and land sharks.

While being arrested, the coward admitted the raid had been conducted by Hindu Jagaran Vedike, but flat out lied and denied that anyone from the party had been assaulted.

This illustrious example of Hindutva has some 21 cases against him for reasons varying from extortion to rioting. And before someone comes screaming at me for lampooning Hindutva, I want to point out that he was the city coordinator for Hindu Jagarana Vedike and it seems quite unlikely that the xenophobic bunch will appoint someone they don’t see embodying their ideals in such an important position. For that matter, state coordinator Karanth, while officially distancing the organization from the attack has said “These are false accusations. But, it gives us pleasure to be accused of stopping such things”. The cases against him were no secret, and the Hindu Jagarana Vedike seem to openly acknowledge that they were part of his work with them.

The Saturday attack has been excused by various authority figures as sex trafficking, resort culture, locals having a problem with being disturbed by goings on in the homestay, drinking and skimpy clothes, etc. but media has uncovered information that he was an extortionist who got Rs.5000/- from the homestay every month till the previous month after which apparently the locals had decided not to entertain him anymore. This attack was probably intimidation. However, the mob was incited by telling them that it was Muslim boys engaging in obscenities with Hindu girls (a Hindutva compatible reason for attack).

Post the attack, this excuse seems to have morphed into “saving culture” by attacking a “rave party” (also Hindutva compatible reasons for attacking people) – probably didn’t find the Muslim boys and needed a face saver or an excuse for attacking girls. The police have categorically denied any drugs and said they only found a few beer bottles and cigarettes.

Two days before this attack, around 1.30 p.m. on July 26, Padil’s followers kidnapped and assaulted a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl travelling in a bus from Mudipu to Mangalore. The couple were handed over to the Bunder Police who took no action against the assailants.

Ten days before the attack, this thug had an altercation with Bajrang Dal leader Sharan Pumpwell over political turf and visibility within the Sangh Parivar. It apparently didn’t go well for this bully, since Padil wanted to set up an office in Pumpwell, centre of Sharan’s power base, but had to agree to open the office in nearby Shivbaugh instead. A Parivar insider claims that the attack was also a rivalry message to prove a point to other Hindutva outfits.

On May 25 this year, a First Information Report was slapped on him along with contractors and officials of the Mangalore Special Economic Zone for assaulting a family of farmers which opposed land acquisition for the project. Four of them, including two children, had to be hospitalised.

He has no concept of breaking and entering being illegal (or he is above the law), and just four months ago had attacked three boys and one girl from a band after crashing the venue they were partying at. He had brought along a professional videographer and forced the girl to sit close to the boys to make it look immoral (the Hindutva guys justify immorality as one reason for attack) and uploaded the video on youtube, threatening the group with dire consequences if they complained.

This seems disturbingly like the Saturday incident, where also the girls clothes were ripped and a boy whose clothes were stripped forced to get on the bed with them. Apparently it doesn’t matter if the immorality comes after the attack (or is the invention of the attacker), quite like the queen in Alice in Wonderland screaming “off with their heads” before the crime is committed. To me, this has a creepy similarity with serial killers posing their victims after killing them. Though thankfully these were alive.

This dog seems to be fairly well connected, since some of his attacks were very serious and yet he was out in three months after the Amnesia pub attack in 2009 when he was with Sri Ram Sene and among the accused – where also girls were beaten. The district administration had initiated externment proceedings against Subhash Padil, Prasad Attavar and few others in February that year. But Subhash and Prasad managed to get the proceedings stayed by the court and the externment did not take place. He was removed from the notorious Sri Ram Sene for sheer thuggery and joined Hindu Jagarana Vedike – an RSS outfit.

In 2008, this shining example of Hindutva and his band of merry men tried to stab journalist Sudipto Mondal and  television journalist Agnel Rodriguez with a trident when they caught them vandalising shops whose owners defied the shutdown call over the Ram Sethu controversy. Prasad Attavara, then a leader of Sri Rama Sene (where Padil was then), slapped Padil publicly for this.

When the leader of an outfit as notorious and violence friendly slaps someone for being violent, or when that person eventually gets kicked out because of violence and continues while out on bail, anyone with half a brain sits up and takes notice. It shows powerful people within the state machinery are providing this bastard impunity.

If the BJP is smart, it should ditch this person to take the fall for his crimes and ditch all associations related with this crime or have the country wondering at election time about if corruption is better than physical attacks by government approved rent-a-thugs, after all.

Note: Any references to bastard are about Subhash Padil. Any references to dog are the two legged Subhash Padil too. I need to learn better abuse. Will replace with better insults. Till then, apologies to anyone other than Subhash Padil and supporters being offended.


This list is not exhaustive, but I have read hundreds of articles, so difficult to list them all.