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Journalism Times Now style

Here are the political tags used by the official Times Now account that referred to news regarding parties contesting in the Lok Sabha Elections 2014 since the Model Code of Conduct was in place. These tags have been compiled by 5 volunteers and cross checked for facts between them. Where. I am happy to issue any apologies if contradictory information is found.

times now BJP puppet
Politically biased tags by Times Now

Times Now tags for news related with Congress

#AggressiveRahul #Coalgate #ScamsForgotten #TorrentOfScams #taintnobar

All of these contain commentary that presents Congress in negative light. #AggressiveRahul tag was used to live tweet his speech.

Times Now tags related with BJP

#alliancetossup describes Shiv Sena's talks with BJP and Modi's reassurance without actually saying Shiv Sena had a problem with BJP.

Times Now tags for news related with AAP

#KejriwalVideo #InkAttack #KejriwalStunt #KejriwalDoublespeak #BackToMobocracy #AAP #KejriDoubleSpeak #KejriVideo #IntolerantAAP #AAPChaos

Other than #InkAttack all of them are negative and adopting the worst interpretation of the situation. For example, #AAPChaos treats the metal detectors toppled by the crowd like deliberate vandalism and a rampage. It makes no mention of the metal detectors being returned to their places unharmed.

Other politics related tags

#Mandate2014 is positive coverage of Modi's campaign and other BJP election related news like candidate announcements and rallys. One tweet about Digvijay Singh. And one link about AAP's new way of raising funds for Lok Sabha Elections (presumably the dinner). #MamataSpeaksToArnab #EveryoneCompromises #NathuramGodse #MahatmaGandhi

Here is a copy of the Times Now Twitter page with tweets showing as back as 7th March. Download Times Wow Tweets

All these tweets have been made while Model Code of Conduct was in place. In all the tweets, there isn't a single instance of criticism of Modi or BJP by Times Now nor was there any tag dedicated to criticizing them. There are several tags dedicated to criticism of Aam Aadmi Party, including exaggerating news and in some instances inventing it.



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