Inviting Photo Submissions on performing arts: Association for India’s Development

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Association for India’s Development produces a calendar each year and it reaches 5000 people with messages related to grassroots development and social issues. For 2014 our theme is performing arts. We are looking for photographs of performing arts including music, drama, storytelling, dance, theatre, puppetry and other arts of performance, on stage, in the street, common spaces, popular festivals and other venues. Art with social theme or connected to resistance movements is especially exciting to us. Please share this message widely in all your circles connected to movements, art, photography and people’s culture and media. Contributors will receive credit and complimentary copes of the calendar. Please send entries to thank you!!! Aravinda — List of Association for India’s Development Calendar subjects over the years: 2014 Performing Arts 2013 Bicycle: Pedaling towards Sustainability | video 2012 Safar: Along Roads Less Travelled | video 2011 Jivika: Living in the Margins 2010 Makan: A Place Called Home | video 2009 Roti: Sharing Food, Sharing Values | video 2008 Kapda: Clothing the Nation 2007 Nurturing Nature 2006 Pattachitra on Rural Living 2005 Looking Forward: A Journey through North East India 2004 Wisdom of Grassroots 2003 Women and Work (Photos of P. Sainath) 2002 Inspiring Changes 2000 Rethinking India (Photos from Narmada Valley)


Founder at Aam Janata
Vidyut has a keen interest in mass psychology and using it as a lens to understand contemporary politics, social inequality and other dynamics of power within the country. She is also into Linux and internet applications and servers and has sees technology as an important area India lacks security in.

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