To new beginnings

To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.
~ William Blake

The year sets a humble end. A year of upheaval, of pain, of struggle, joys and learning.

The biggest thing that comes to mind is people. This was a year of vibrant people reaching for the stars. A few caught them, most fell back, but in falling back knew that they could reach higher.

I think this year was a long overdue mirror. A mirror to the state we were in, a mirror to our arrogance in thinking we could change things at will. And a mirror that shows the future. It is going to be a long and challenging struggle and this year is a sample of how it is going to feel. In our country and my home too.

The end of the year leaves me in a quiet, reflective space. It has been an extraordinary year, but it clearly speaks of a challenge taken on that is of far greater magnitude than it seemed in the energetic start.

The start was precious, because it put us on the road. Now comes the time to walk it. This is about endurance. About a lasting commitment to values, rather than hasty norms. A path of courageous soul searching.

Words I wrote keep coming to mind:

Perfection is an illusion. The road to Nirvana is in continuous improvement. Forever.

I am thankful for the learning this year has brought me, and I offer it to the coming year so that I may grow.

Here is to wishing all of us the right challenges to keep us on an exciting journey that expands us all as people, a nation and a world. To us falling asleep each day thinking eagerly of what we take on the next.

Here is to slogging our asses off in pursuit of goals that make our hearts soar with dreams. That make us do things our best heroes did.

Here is to love and laughter. After all, isn’t all of the above for this? So here is to choosing love and laughter in all we do.