RSS’s Christianity Samasya?

When a woman tweeted the image of a pamphlet allegedly issued by the RSS, dropped at the Shekinah prayer house in Bangalore, she was trolled to the point she got scared. This is the poster.

Poster threatening Christians dropped off at prayer house in Bangalore
Poster threatening Christians dropped off at prayer house in Bangalore

Further details verified will be updated here. The poster stays up because there was an organized attack to silence the person posting it. Which means it has a home on this blog.

Given the sustained targeting of minorities in recent months from politicians and fringe outfits alike, and the attempt to silence the reporting of this poster, I am inclined to believe that it needs to remain on record.

  • Vidyut
  • Vidyut has a keen interest in mass psychology and using it as a lens to understand contemporary politics, social inequality and other dynamics of power within the country. She is also into Linux and internet applications and servers and has sees technology as an important area India lacks security in.


  • This is fake.
    No one would dare to do so, RSS is a Patriotic Sangh. no discrimination for the religions.

  • This is the way an average RSS man thinks. I doubt if they will say it so openly. Hindus are not so brave.

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