Resources to track official updates on Uttarakhand flood crisis


1 The Most reliable and orgn site is Uttrarakhand Police

2 Most of the Activity so far has been near kedarnath so the Disaster Mgmt page of Rudraprayag

3 Doon Dist Disaster Mgmt page

4. Then Go To This page where there is an easy gateway to go to all the other dist pages, many hv been inactive for some time but I believe we will soon see more updates there btwn this site itself may have more info, and ofte clues to where other sites may have got ifo, like the list of dead other sites mentioned didnot mention where they were foud, here they mention it was i haridwar

5. Also chk this page some useful lists appear there

6 The CM’s official site … you never kow what you will find it, yesterday got status report but then they removed the link,

Information via @db_DelAlpha who is also tweeting regular updates on Twitter.

Useful tags to track on Twitter if you need information or help: #uttarakhand #floodrelief #rescbulletin

Helpline numbers:

Haridwar | 09760534054, 09760534055

Dehradun | 01352-622131

Rishikesh | 01352-434167

Uttarkashi | 01374-226126, 226161

Chamoli | 01372-251437

Tehri | 01376-233433

Rudraprayag | 01732-1077

ITBP helpline, control room | 011-24362892, 9968383478

Army medical emergency helpline | 18001805558, 18004190282, 8009833388

Uttarakhand Helpline numbers | 0135-2710334, 2710335, 2710233

This page will be updated frequently. If you need help, keep checking, or ask here or on Twitter. You can use comments to make specific requests and we will try to organize the information.


Resources to track official updates on Uttarakhand flood crisis 1
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