The harder they fight, the harder they fall

I suspect the coming period till the passing of the Lokpal Bill is going to show us the ugly side of our government as we have never seen before. Already it is becoming increasingly evident that dirty is the only way they know how to deal. One would think that a nationwide struggle calling them to task would also encourage some humility or at the very least introspection about where they lost so much trust from the people. Apparently, no go.

The Lokpal movement has been plagued with slander. And it only is a demonstration of the versatility of the governments sheer capacity to produce garbage. What they seem to have missed out on totally is that this isn’t the Loksabha to make a National Sport out of mud slinging and insult trading and foot dragging and overall competition for who can sabotage the interest of the country the most with cheap attention seeking. Here, they are faced with their bosses and we are not in a mood for crap. They can do this the easy way, or the hard way, but I’m willing to bet that the country will erupt in flames if they sabotage the bill. People want it to happen. People want their country back.

If the politicians are still unable to recognize this, it shows how little they understand, care or are used to gauging the mood and needs of the people they claim to lead.

It is beyond shameful to see our politicians so utterly shameless that after a year of scams hitting headlines, endless sagas of outright theft from the country they are showing so much concern about, after the country rising up to face them down, they still continue to make totally brazen attacks on the civil members of the committee. What they don’t realize is that what seems a normal mode of operations for them is garish and obvious.

What they don’t ‘get’ is:

I want to end loot of public resources in my country and am standing up to see it done along with whoever is standing.

I don’t believe the allegations against the civil members. Most people used to reading newspapers don’t either.

The allegations are being refuted.

Even if they are proven true, the Lokpal Bill is still the demand of the country and I am committed to Anna’s timeline. If it is overshot for any reason, I’m willing to come out on the streets again. Even if the reason is that the civil members had to be removed because of “discoveries” about them. It might serve the government better to ensure the timeline is met.

The civil members are not drafting the bill as a personal hobby, but as representatives of the citizens of this country. It is a sad day in democracy when these are different from elected representatives, but apparently our politicians have no sense of shame about such things. For normal people from decent homes, this is as shocking as a drug addict, for example being brazenly accusing after being caught stealing money for a fix. More so, because leaders in theory at least are supposed to embody all that is good about the people they lead.

If the civil members are discredited and removed, more will take their place. There is virtually an endless supply of people – second largest country in the world, remember?

I am willing to support anyone the leadership of the movement deems suitable as our representatives. I am willing to contribute in any way needed.

If the movement fails, I will support whoever rises in challenge. I will challenge.

The bottom line is, sabotaging the bill is the equivalent of sabotaging justice for the country. Right now, the politicians are in a place of being caught theiving. If they want to add obstruction of justice to it, so be it. Justice WILL come. The more they sabotage, the more they will end up answering for. Its a choice with nothing beyond their own credibility at stake.Satyameva Jayate - India's motto



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Vidyut has a keen interest in mass psychology and using it as a lens to understand contemporary politics, social inequality and other dynamics of power within the country. She is also into Linux and internet applications and servers and has sees technology as an important area India lacks security in.

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