An escapade in school

Everywhere was green and beautiful: the tall trees were flourished by varicoloured blooms, the brilliant dews were shining on green grace, and birds were singing on trees.  It was just few weeks from launch of our ninth class (school); though, we were as sprightly and happy as cheery birds that were flying joyfully on sky.  But that day was a little different from other days because according to our teacher plan we had a difficult and important quiz.Therefore we all were a little concerned and were studying calmly our lessons, that immediately our teacher come and said:“Because of an important session in office I will come twenty minute later.”

One of our classmates asked: ‘excuse me teacher what about quiz?’ ‘It is call off for today. But Try to be Calm down.’   We all cheerfully replied: “. Be convinced teacher, we promise.” In the moment that we incredibly pleased and couldn’t help our cheerfully, I and Elham, who was my best and childhood companion, with some of my classmate  start rejoicing: I and Elham started to sing a song which all classmate loved, The students who were part of our group were encouraging us by their clapping, and other students were shaking themselves while were sitting.Although mood of the class step by step changed to a music hall. We all forgot where we are, school.The students, who were clapping, now were both clapping and produced music by their month, and bet drum on tables. And the other students who were sitting now they were standing and so on…..

I and Elham, who were head group’s orchestra, pitch of our noise spontaneously increased as much as that weren’t able to hear others. In that moment that our class was burst into cheer and joy, immediately our classmate Lina screamed, and said: ‘Oh! Sit down Miss Nasrin is coming.’ Without attend to anything we all escaped toward our chairs.

Yes, Lina was right. She was Miss Nasrin the strict and immoral new head teacher who all students were really scared of her. We really terrified. The class was filled with a fearful silent that even we heard our heart bet.

While she was looking angrily every one, said: ‘It is incredible! Do you know what were you doing in the class? Just tell me who was singing piercingly?”   I and Elham who really were afraid stayed breathless and our colour altered red. To make myself busy I look on upside down book which was opened in front of me. But we kept ourselves relax because we were sure that in spite of unity in our class there is no one betray us to her.

Immediately Elham mumbled to me: ‘Hey! She is staring us.’‘Oh! Yes’  She came near us and said:  ‘one of you please.’‘Oh my God she identifies us. She will either punish or introduce us in office’. I said by myself.  But the story was completely reverse. She laughed and kindly said: ‘you are looking two good and silent girls. Please tell me who was singing and disrupted the class.’‘No…..’‘No! Oh you think that if you inform me she will threat you .No be sure no one dare notify you beside me’.

In that time that no one could help laughing; a teacher came from office and said:’ Miss Nasrin all guest and teachers are awaits you. Won’t you come?’‘Ok, jut because of guests ,today you get chance, but be sure for the next time I won’t leave you go of, special that lucky and valiant singer student .’While she was leaving us, we really ashamed especially because the guests who were in office. Instantly she returned and asked: ‘what are your names?’‘I am Elaheh’‘And I am Elham’‘Please Elaheh you control the class, and you write names of students who don’t obey you.’We gently answered: ‘Ok’

Author: Elaheh Isaqzadeh

This post is a part of my series called Afghan life, where I have seeked narratives of routine life in Afghanistan, which the world doesn’t see as they focus on terrorism and the war and so on.