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The status update of @jaishreemenon on Twitter has caused a lot of concern. Her last update on the May 31st was concerning

I think I should end my life. My daughter is exploited by her own biological father . no police no womens commission able to do justice.

From Twitter

So, people reached out to find out more, snoop online, and quickly were able to establish her identity, address, and the new race was now to get someone to physically check on her as soon as possible.

She also has a blog that was last updated in March.

As we speak atleast five Tweeple and two news channel crews on the way.

Will post relevant updates from @Joydas, who is on the spot. No others unless something different is being said to avoid confusion.

@Joydas has reached house. Police also there.

@BDUTT I am at the House. Police also reached. Having a talk @ikaveri@madversity >> link

@BDUTT Seems this is wrong house. There is ua menon in this building. Went in, police also came, even searched house >> link

@BDUTT O.K. Yes. It is same house. There is a Kid. His mother is out. First thing first, the Lady (his mother) is fine. Gone out to work >> link

Reached Jayshree at work. Talking to her on phone >> link

Talked with the Lady. She is fine. But yes, needs help. Am meeting her later at nite. Sounded Calm >> link

I think no further updates needed. If I come to know more, I will inform.

Want to take a minute here to appreciate the tremendous power to reach out that social media has opened up. Twitter, in particularly has come through time and again to disseminate information and connect relevant people extremely fast. Our first experience of it was during 26/11, but since then, countless incidents – from accidents, to insurgencies and blood requirements to casual sharing of thought have brought it home time and again.

And today, we were able to check up on a woman who might have been in a bad shape or not been at all… While a few expressed concern that her plight becoming public would harm her interests, the fact is, even though people came to know some details of her situation, nothing other than what she wrote herself made it to the net. On the other hand, when she logs in the next time, and checks out her incoming @mentions….. there’s going to be that list of tweets that she’s not alone and people do care.

People mobilized from all over, found people on the ground who could go and check. Got cops in action, got media on alert…. on a day when monsoon has brought a lot of things to a sluggish pace.

I hope she will be okay. She is getting attention from people who care.

We, in the meanwhile can quietly realize that much as we trivialize the power of “RT” as frivolous, it is the addition of one entire person to the message and it can snowball in a good way to meet a need.

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