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Important – to the ‘opposition’ and other non ‘ruling’: We understand that you are politicians, and finger pointing is your job so that weak links become visible. However, there are ways to do it, and publicly discrediting a government already overwhelmed with a challenge is not the time to undermine them. You aren’t doing the country you are supposedly looking out for any favours by cutting down the people in charge. If, as you say this is a Pakistani strategy, you are playing right into their hands by creating more of the instability and confusion they desire. For once, think of the country and offer suggestions without sabotaging existing situations. If the government is truly out of ideas, and you’ve got a good one, offer it without getting into how they were stupid not to think of it. You thought of it, right? That’s good. If you can offer with grace, perhaps it can help the country as well.

I am an extraordinarily politically illiterate citizen of India. I have no clue who among you are competent and who not, but my assumption is that is why you get elected – to know this and make choices with that knowledge in hand.

India has been independent for a long time. We can start living that. I think the whole idea of a ruling party and an opposition party is an insight into how we see government. I repeat India is free. We are no longer under any rule.

The idea is that the ELECTED government administrates the country. What little I know of politics shows me how there are various parties wanting all kinds of things and opposing all kinds of things and neglecting all kinds of things. Most of the time, this is a fantasy world projected from strategic desires.

Kashmiri people wanting to be with India is a prime example. Have you been reading news recently?

And this isn’t a one off thing. We have this happening in all kinds of ways, where there are people speaking on behalf of Hindus for their rights. Huh? If Hindus wanted any such thing, or if they thought you were capable of delivering it in a way that led to prosperity, wouldn’t you be ‘ruling’? I am not saying they don’t. I’m just questioning your certainty.

This is a rot that seems to be everywhere. What the citizens of India actually want seems to be researched before election propaganda. Other than that, its mostly about aping the west and factors that will ‘shine’. To the detriment of most of the non-shining factors.

Face it. Businessmen in India get their ends achieved. Doesn’t take a whole load of work. There is clear cut logic. Economic progress happens. What about the rest of it? How many people have actually bothered to find out and look for ways to integrate distressed populations of India?

There seems to be a huge assumption that prosperity of one means deprivation for others. It is inconceivable that Hindus and Muslims both hurt in Godhra. It is out of the question that investigations can arrest all criminals and relief can compensate all victims. We find it easier to deal with labels than real people. It is not news to talk about stuff happening in the north east – most people barely know that there may be anything happening there. Brief reports in the news of the Army fighting people. Must be terrorists.

Today, Kashmir stands out in the open dripping blood and our response seems to be about how it must be ketchup, or how they deserved it, or how can this be shoved under the carpet for the next eternity or so. Everything except Kashmir is dripping blood, do we have some first-aid? Whether they are criminals, misguided, terrorists, disloyal, innocent, whatever. They are citizens of India, and they deserve attention. Or they are not citizens of India. Our actions have already cut them off, but it stings when they put it into words.

If we want them back, its important we first see them as people and not pawns or statistics. Even if the worst fears of the well-meaning Indians were true, till Kashmir became independent, or joined Pakistan, these guys are still ours – protesting and all. They deserve justice for what they go through as long as they belong in India.

I am not wise as many there, but I think its important to stop whatever special acts that allow such free harm to them. We have a massive army. We have fought insurgency for years. We don’t need to kill innocents just to make sure we get all the terrorists. I think every heart in India with any empathy would agree that it might be better to let a militant escape and be hunted down later than kill a few innocents. The militant may or may not be caught later, may or may not kill several innocent others in some attack, but these innocents we kill for sure in that fear that we may not be able to stop them.

Our own freedom struggle is a testimony that the will of people cannot be stopped and it only gets very brutal before the inevitable happens. If we want to keep Kashmir, its time to see that it isn’t about enforcing our will on the land, but about being willing to create happiness and security for those living in it. They have been through a lot. If you see a wounded man on the street, you offer assistance. You take care walking around him. You make sure to take a couple of extra steps so that you don’t hurt an already hurt man. Why not do the same for the people you are supposed to stand for?

I think, I would expect the state government to stand solidly by its people rather than sing tunes for the rest of the world. And if these kids are not representatives of the people, then bringing proof to the table. Something like what Kashmir faces would never be tolerated in Mumbai. Forget attacking, try saying a word against the troublemakers there and watch the ruckus their leaders will kick up in the government. Even if it means independence, a good government would be one that went with the people, or stayed with them and did all it could to serve them efficiently. They are your people. Not the television networks.

I would be very sad to see us lose Kashmir. I would also be very concerned from a national security perspective, as well as their own security. However, I also see that it isn’t about me.

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