Theft and the police response

Got this email from Sonali Chatterjee:

There was a burglury in my house on 14/4/2011.before dawn.the window was broken.And a bag containing money,car papers,atm cards was stolen.

went to the police station.they did not have a paper to write the FIR.bought 2 white sheets.wrote in 1 of them.The SI took it to the OC and suggested some “changes”.
I was asked to remove “theft” and “amount of money” stolen from the FIR.I agreed and did it,coz they just wont listen.
Then they came to my house.Did some “investigation”.And said,they dont have the infrastructure to catch a thief.We asked about sniffer dogs.They said,they can be used only for heinous crimes like murder,dacoity,rape.
Then they went away.A total of 5 policement came for this.I had a feeling they wanted some bribe.
Other details:
Police station:Nimta
Name of sub inspector: Nimai Ghosh

I have said time and again, we don’t need more security forces, but we need better security forces. I had said it most directly post 26/11 when I heard that the government was starting  a new agency for dealing with this kind of threat. The problem is not in not having enough people, but their sheer incompetence or unwillingness to do their jobs. This lies at the root of many of our problems between people and the government. Abuses, tortures, extrajudicial killings….. dramatic. But here we see that even a filing of report of theft can become an uphill struggle when the police want you to lie.



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