The Wikileaks Avalanche

Going through the initial breaking stories and I must admit that while much of it is boring stuff, and nothing in the world would induce me to wade through the actual documents (however temptingly presented as a map by the guardian), some of it is nice, juicy scandal.

For example it is only yawn worthy that Israel pushed for a strike against Iran, but other Arab nations? Wow. Tell me more.

I’m actually disappointed that there’s nothing in India, so I can’t get all hyped up with opinion 😀 However, there are apparently around some 3000 documents from the Indian embassy, so I fully expect trust the Indian media to find some juicy tidbit or the other, or simply feast on the news about Pakistan’s unsecure nuclear arsenal. Afterall, American diplomats have warned India, if nothing, at least Indian newspapers carried the news…

Currently, the most shocking of the exposes for me is the instructions to collect humint that went off to different diplomats. I mean, no matter how this is twisted, this is serious invasion of privacy and outright theft. Collection of credit card details and passwords!!! How should one behave around an American diplomat after this? There is a reason diplomats are diplomats and spies are spies, no? No wonder the US was concerned that this could result in some ambassadors being sent back.

I mean, if I know someone like this is in my home, I’d be treating that person as a potential thief….

Anyway, staying tuned for something more relevant to India, though I do vote for interactions with American diplomats to be strictly restricted to ‘sanitized’ environments as a matter of Indian security.

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