The War on Terror – Not our war

Seriously, I mean it. As the NATO fails more and more obviously in completing their war, there are attempts to discredit Pakistan and bring in India and China. For some reason, the West (read US) seems to dictate what India is and isn’t, so as the countries get desperate, there will be pressure. We need to abide impeccably by our classic non-alignment stand. Here’s why.

  • The war is a stupid war. Okay, I’ll probably get lynched by saying this, but why is the US in Afgansitan again? I seem to have missed the reason.
  • There was no need for war in the first place. Diplomacy, sanctions, covert missions could easily have removed a threat at that time. Yet, the US is parked in Afganistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Apparently, there isn’t much difference between friend and foe.
  • Instead of dealing with the countries, the US has chosen to deal with the populations. Micro managing to the n’th degree and we all know how futile that is.
  • The US has broken several of its own claimed policies – they are supposed to fight terror wherever they find it, yet Afganistan was attacked before it could figure out what exactly was happening, while Pakistan has been pretty much running the show. They have funded the Pakistan Army AFTER knowing of the ISI support for terrorists in India. They have PAID the Taliban in Pakistan to ensure safe passage for their convoys.
  • Osama Bin Laden is fine, thank you very much, but a whole load of people, mostly innocents have died.

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