The Radioactive Plight of Tokyo

Tokyo’s large population is also its ticket to nuclear victimization. It is no secret that the nuclear mafia would like as little damage reported as possible from the Fukushima tragedy and it is no secret that the staggering impact of the Tsunami and nuclear crisis has left both TEPCO and the Japanese government on its metaphorical knees and desperate to avoid new challenges. The IAEA, which is less of a nuclear watchdog and more of a nuclear enabler is headed by a Japanese and so far has shown little inclination to subject anything much to close scrutiny including a claim of cold shutdown a school child can shoot down. The nuclear industry and its associated corporations and governments and so on would like to make all the bad news from Fukushima vanish. They can vanish much of the news, if not the actual damage.

Mainstream media around the world is reporting news very conservatively, and media in India is absolutely silent, as though Japan simply shook off a nuclear disaster and got back to routine, like Mumbai after the bomb blasts. While there is no dearth of similar spirit among the Japanese, radioactive materials have this stubborn habit of sticking around.

Hotspots are being discovered everyday, and several independent monitors have identified hotspots in, near and beyond Tokyo as well. Naturally, the very idea of having to evacuate Tokyo is stupendous in its magnitude, and the crippled government would rather stick its head in the sand. This means that all the voices with power are busy covering up risks, while citizens living with those risks have no real capacity to evaluate them, or demand solutions.

Gundersen is a nuclear expert who has been following on the Fukushima disaster since the beginning and has created a series of videos that help a non-nuclear-professional understand what is really happening. Though I guess that is not very useful either, to know that you are in deep trouble and have little ability to do much about it… but at least those who can, may make individual efforts to evacuate to safety. Here’s the video:

When a man like Gundersen says “All 5 samples I took in Tokyo qualified as radioactive waste — People should never return to some areas 60km from Fukushima” I would say that those complicit in the silence are guilty of human rights abuse.

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