The growing pains of India

In the startling news recently with Prashant Bhushan leveling some serious charges at our judiciary, many people are aghast. A friend is morose – Kashmir, CWG, corruption, Maoists and now the judiciary…… is India falling apart? Perhaps. I choose to see it as the uncomfortable edge of growth.

Democracy matters. Our judiciary matters. They are the very foundations of our nation. As India today goes through the growing pains of a nation headed into a whole new level of being, things acceptable for long become monuments to the new standards we design for ourselves.

Many things are questioned, redefined. Standards intended for long are enforced with increasing fidelity. Witness the churning happening right now. We are questioning and challenging what happened for years with Kashmir, with the plight of the poor, with inequity, with the Maoists, with the Army, with the police, with politicians, with corruption, with activists, with apologists, with international relations, with the judiciary…. I don’t see this as a freak string of misfortune, I see it as a nation moving into a better state of being which is how all these things are being challenged as unacceptable.

The CWG has indeed done its bit to push India towards superpowerdom, not perhaps in world image as intended, but in our state of being.

The years to come will hold discomfort as we confront the undesirable within and create our destiny. Laws will have to be upheld, examined, made, changed. At this crucial juncture, I think the most fundamental guardian of a democracy – its judiciary – ┬áneeds to lead the country for the most beneficial and least traumatic transition.

The judiciary needs to make every effort to be impeccable, transparent and open to self-examination and evolution.

I am proud of what we are going through, because a few years ago, it wouldn’t have mattered.


Vidyut is a blogger on issues of National interest. Staunch advocate of rights, learning and freedoms. @Vidyut

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