Terrorists loose in Mumbai

What a security nightmare in a day! When the 9th September is also Eid and Ganesh Chaturthi!!! The only thing that could make it worse for the security guys is if there are terrorists on the lose.

This evening’s news was made when the citizens discovered that two terrorists had given the IB the slip and were now considered to be on the loose in Mumbai.

The IB had been shadowing them since they slipped into India in order to catch them red handed, which would be a good plan if someone had planned for contingencies. The two terrorists went missing on Thursday night and the IB had to alert the city’s cops and the city itself.

The police have set up dedicated phone numbers — 22633333 and 22625020 — to enable the people to pass on information about the militants and in case of emergency.

So folks, keep your eyes peeled, and let’s get these two to experience government hospitality and get back to our celebrations. Be vigilant, and for heaven’s sake, make a note of these numbers. It would really suck if you spotted them, but were not able to get through the regular 100 line. Here are the numbers again, store them on your phone on your redial list:

22633333 – 22625020

Other nasty stuff from the announcements:

Two suspected foreign terrorists have sneaked into the metropolis to cause disruption at crowded places and religious congregations, Mumbai police warned today, setting off alarm bells on the eve of Eid and Ganeshotsav festivities.

The only instance of such a desperate disclosure was on December 31, 2002, when the then Crime Branch DCP Pradeep Sawant held a press conference and informed people through the media that two suspects were planning a blast at the Gateway of India and that people should avoid going there.

Take care. Have safe and happy celebrations, but most of all, keep your eyes peeled and your number at your fingertips. Our security forces are counting on us.

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  • Police sound alert as two foreigners enter Mumbai (thehindu.com)

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