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Interest free loans for Vidarbha Farmers

The ongoing project to help the Vidarbha farmers has reached its third phase. The third phase will focus on building a fund which will be used to provide interest free loans for the farmers in distress. Together we have raised about 7.8 lakhs and we are short of 2.2 lakhs towards reaching our goal of 10 …

Two Suicides, and the end of a promise


Recently in Wardha and Yavatmal (Vidarbha, Maharashtra) Moreshwar Chaudhary was 32; Suraj Bhoyar, 29. On a wintry December 8, last, the two cotton growers consumed Monocrotophous, a commonly used pesticide, distraught by failed crops, falling income and mounting loans. Moreshwar was uneducated and married; he left a year-old a son and wife in the middle …