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The porn dilemma. To ban, or not to ban, is the question.

The porn debate is hitting public consciousness (read browsers) with a vengeance. Even as the Chief Justice of India’s refusal to pass an interim order banning porn made reassuring headlines, reports of porn sites being inaccessible started hitting social media. Chief Justice of India HL Dattu had said in early July, “Such interim orders cannot …

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#NetNeutrality and the human on the street

Even without adding #NetNeutrality to the mix, the relationship between the average consumer and any telecom services provider in India is a tetchy one at best. Irrespective of whether you opt for prepaid or post-paid services, you seem to be forever haggling over available services and the pricing thereof, and, later, about the quality of …

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More from Airtel

After I published my last post on the Airtel saga with the latest threats, things kind of escalated. It got picked up in social media, Airtel Presence got in touch with me again. And a reporter from Midday contacted me to cover the story. She made calls to verify the story with Airtel. I got …

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Airtel Threats

The background to this story is when Airtel overbilled me, and refused to revise the bill. Then, they got me to pay Rs.2,500/- as settlement against a bill of 9k, but credited the amount against the outstanding and started demanding I pay the balance. Now, things are taking a strange turn, where this woman is …

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24 Hours

So it has been 24 hours since I left my married home and returned to my parents. Been a sense of freedom in one way. ¬†This move was long overdue. It is good to be engaging with life again rather than coping. On the other hand, I am discovering just how much I had hidden …

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The Airtel update

Airtel has a systematic method of extortion. Read the beginning of the problem – Airtel Billing harassment. Since then, I had been getting a steady stream of their goons asking for money. Couple of them were rude, all of them threatening legal action, and none of them knowing the problems in the case – basically, …

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