Visual arts

Aadhaar as a backdoor to Indian citizenship
Digital India

Idiot-proof guide to Aadhaar card status on security risks #AadhaarFail

With a new wave of trolls being unleashed to counter criticism of Aadhaar card with wholly original technical arguments like “but it is perfectly safe” “you just want to complain” and “I don’t mind, so why should you”, it gets irritating to reply to people over and over. So here is a very simple infographic with […]

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Advanced Mountaineering Course

Here are some photos from my Advanced Mountaineering Course sent by one of the participants. I don’t have any of the Basic – no camera, no one sent. [slideshow] The sad part is that there are very few pictures of the action, since she couldn’t click pictures then. Over the coming days, I’ll try and […]

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Politics & Political Commentary

An Artist till his last breath

Note: A shorter version of this had appeared in print in Sunday’s “The Free Press ePaper” This morning was abuzz with the news our celebrated controversial painter M F Hussain was no more. Social media exploded with opinions. What stood out to my mind was that everyone had something to say. His depictions of our […]

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Save the Water

[slideshow] What are the ways in which you can save water? What are your ideas? Would you like to add a picture to this?

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