Vidyut Gore

Human rights

Joint Statement condemning arrest of activists and public intellectuals

We, the undersigned, are shocked by the serial raids across the country on the homes of activists and public intellectuals who are critical of the government and the ruling party at the Centre. The arrests of prominent activists and intellectuals Sudha Bharadwaj, Vernon Gonsalves, Gautam Navlakha, Varavara Rao, Arun Ferreira, Kranthi Tekula and others, are […]

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Sant Rampal - a self proclaimed Godman
Religion and Phiosophy

A do-it-yourself experiment in faith-based cheating

A series of tweets about the gullibility of blind faith. Sanatan Sanstha's "God" Athavale and his pink toilet brush. Not just zealot murders, add demented to the list. — Wildcard Vidyut (@Vidyut) September 21, 2015 Looks like Sanatan Sanstha will be going for the insanity defense for killing people. The divine particles spoke to […]

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Travellers surprised by sudden rain

An overdue conversation with rain

Was drizzling when I woke up. Rain had arrived like a wayward teenager slinking home in the early hours of morning, greeting the day with “What? I was right here!” “What? I wasn’t up to anything!” ~ rain. “Exactly.” ~ @Vidyut “If you’re going to be snarky, I’m going.” “Where?” “Out” “You’re already out” “Anywhere […]

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organic farm beds cultivation

Error in farmer suicide data in Business Standard piece

Business Standard has written a piece challenging the data on farmer suicides from Uttar Pradesh titled “As farmers commit suicide, Uttar Pradesh hides their deaths”. It is a pretty good piece and necessary. In the interests of accuracy of information, I am pointing out a correction in the statistics attributed to P. Sainath in the […]

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RK Laxman's common man's Shraddhanjali to AAP
Politics & Political Commentary

Aam Aadmi Party’s crisis of trust

Nothing says insecure as various party handles tweeting to publicly remind leaders that they could face action if they make public statements. Aam Aadmi Party successfully made the transition from Aam Aadmi party to Arvind ke Aadmiyon ki Party in terms of control over party, yet the victory sounds precarious. Volunteers and leaders continue to […]

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