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How you can support and join in #IndiaUnites

#IndiaUnites: A people’s movement that belongs to all of us – make it truly yours! India Unites is a joint agitation involving organisations from across Indian society that aims to put people’s issues at the top of political priorities as we head into the 2019 General Elections. No more communal barbs, no more politics of […]

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Operation India

Reliance Broadband hacked by Anonymous blocked sites list leaked

A hacker called Isac hacked into the reliance broadband server to leave a message for all users trying to access the internetfrom Reliance Broadband today. It was removed quickly. However, the Reliance server had got hacked on the 15th May earlier. They had got a list of sites blocked on the Reliance network. They had […]

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Women on the board

I saw this tweet by UN women, and RTing it was a no brainer. It was an interesting observation, particularly since there are growing voices about sexism among software related professionals. A few months back, at some Indian coders gathering (I forget) someone had made a comment about women mistaking the room for the kitchen. […]

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Women's rights

A conversation on feminism

I had a chat from a friend this morning. His wife is a staunch feminist, and he loves her to bits and gives her total freedom, but takes a dim view of feminism as a whole. Some Twitter conversations in the morning had led to my updates on my Facebook about feminism, and conversation veered […]

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