Tropical agriculture

JaiKisan describes the challenges faced by Indian farmers

Why a tag like #JaiKisan is necessary

A Twitter tag #JaiKisan is attempting to educate Indians on the realities and conditions of farmers in India. Farmers produce the country’s food. They purchase inputs at retail prices, sell produce at wholesale prices. Unlike a lot of products, farm produce is relatively short lived and takes a long time to grow. A crash in prices basically […]

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The Blinkers
Politics & Political Commentary
Religion and Phiosophy

The Blinkers and mental eploitation.

If I can direct what you think, I can control your conclusion. It is like blinkers on a horse. A horse able to see only in one direction is less likely to stray. Whether I say “Think of a pineapple” or I say “Don’t think of a pineapple” I can guarantee that the image in […]

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