The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act

A Derailed Andolan

It was with much admiration that I had raised my voice in support of Anna when he first articulated my frustration with the government. It seemed like a David versus Goliath folly, yet there he was, ready to fast in protest of corruption. He and his team had a draft of a Lokpal Bill. It […]

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Politics & Political Commentary

Why I don’t support the IAC – but wish them well

I began with full hearted support for the Jan Lokpal movement. Somewhere down the line, as the politics deteriorated from a people’s movement to a movement led by individuals, I lost interest. I was also turned off by equally dirty blackmail tactics from IAC. Later, as the government played its very predictable hand of sabotage […]

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Indian flag photographic collage

Decluttering the Lokpal

The Lokpal debate is the rage all over again, and the clutter being thrown into the thinking is escalating. It suits many, because the less people are able to think, the easier it is to sell them a nice sounding conclusion. There are three chief camps around the Lokpal. The first is the India Against […]

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The harder they fight, the harder they fall

I suspect the coming period till the passing of the Lokpal Bill is going to show us the ugly side of our government as we have never seen before. Already it is becoming increasingly evident that dirty is the only way they know how to deal. One would think that a nationwide struggle calling them […]

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A decision of trust

I get a flood of emails pointing out to me various problems with the Jan Lokpal Bill. Where earlier people had questioned the “democracy” of the movement, we now have smear campaigns about its leaders. A variety of things mushroom up. Kiran Bedi got some preferential treatment for her daughter Anna Hazare is a BJP supporter […]

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