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Thermal Plants want water, farmers need it

Drought and Farmer Suicides 101 for Manu Joseph

Not sure how to do this, given that this is a data free hatchet job by Manu Joseph. So it isn’t like he is claiming that his absurd claims are backed by data to begin with. Still, because I’m irritated enough, doing a limited take down of yet another attempt to trivialize the gravity and […]

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Sailgate: Reply to notice from Lawyers of Lt Col (retd) Gautama Dutta and Anju Dutta

This is my reply to the notices by the solicitors of Lt Col (retd) Gautama Dutta and Anju Dutta with regard to my post. This post has been adapted to simplify reading on the internet without changing any words. You may read the original notice – Reply to notice from lawyers of Lt Col Gautama Dutta […]

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