Swami Nigamananda

Narendra Modi with Nawa Sharif after swearing in
Politics & Political Commentary

Ab ki baar, about turn sarkar

Perhaps the way the Modi government intends to deliver good governance is to do about turns on many things they used to criticize. Here are the highlights. How important is education exactly? Smriti Irani, a never elected, never graduate politician is heading HRD. Which in itself isn’t such an awful thing, given that lack of […]

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asaram bapu against a blue background and flowers
Religion and Phiosophy

Asaram Bapu – when Godmen rape

Asaram bapu and his fanatical followers are a snapshot of how irrelevant moral behavior is to worship. In the recent past, Asaram Bapu has made headlines for holding the victim of a brutal rape jointly responsible for being raped. He has celebrated a mass holi wasting water in the middle of the worst drought Maharashtra […]

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Photo of the damaged banks from Uttarakhand floods

Environmental fraud by Tavleen Singh

An article by Tavleen Singh in the Indian Express is accurately named Environmental fraud, though it is rare for such transparency of intent to be declared upfront. I do appreciate the legitimate opportunity to pun “Environmental Fraud by Tavleen Singh” when introducing the article. Considering that the article is an umbrella attack on the legitimacy […]

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