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Update on the fake article in Free Press Journal

fake journalism by Free Press journal

Here is what is going on with the fake article about emotional distress helplines that Free Press Journal. There are mixed messages galore. After some attempt to fob off the fake reporting as the helplines giving quotes and then denying later, the reporter admitted that she had no proof of the interviews whatsoever. And it …

Don’t compensate farmer suicides

Indian regional languages distribution

This is the most difficult post I have written in ages, but I think it is wrong to compensate farmer suicides and I am speaking up. I know that will make me look evil – refusing money to the desperately poor, but this blog was never a popularity contest. A soldier who goes on a …

Some thoughts on Suicide

Been reading a lot of news about people committing suicide. Suicides in general seem to be increasing. A few weeks ago, a friend spoke of a patient of his who had been suicidal, and I realized that this blog has very little on the subject in spite of me having thought about it a lot. …